• Research lines

    - Language development across the life span

    - Speech perception, production and disorder

    - Reading and dyslexia

    - Multilingualism

    - Neurodegeneration, brain damage and rehabilitation

    - Language and other cognitive systems

    - Advanced methods in cognitive neuroscience.

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  • Research groups

    The BCBL has different interdisciplinary and transversally connected Research Groups, which address the various challenges posed by cognitive neuroscience of language from several points of view.

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  • Projects

    The specific aim of our research activities is to unravel the neurocognitive mechanisms involved in language acquisition, comprehension and production, with special emphasis on bilingualism and multilingualism.

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  • Publications

    Our commitment to education and knowledge transfer in the area of Cognitive Neuroscience comprises a variety of contexts, including University and health, social and business services, aiming at contributing to the welfare of our society through the knowledge and transfer derived from our research.

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  • Knowledge and Tech-Transfer

    We have developed two initiatives for transferring the knowledge that emerges at the BCBL, aiming at transferring to society the scientific advances of our centre through an assessment and diagnosis service.

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