Back External speakers: Jiyeon Lee, Implicit syntactic learning in post-stroke aphasia

Jiyeon Lee, Implicit syntactic learning in post-stroke aphasia

- BCBL auditorium (and BCBL zoom room 2)

What: Implicit syntactic learning in post-stroke aphasia

Where:  BCBL Auditorium and zoom room # 2 (If you would like to attend to this meeting reserve at

Who: Jiyeon Lee, PhD, CCC-SLP, Associate Professor, Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Purdue University, USA

When:  Tuesday,  June 20th, 12:00 PM Noon

Impaired mapping between messages and sentence structures is pervasive in persons with aphasia (PWA), resulting in difficulty producing and comprehending sentences. However, ways to ameliorate such deficits are currently limited. I will introduce structural priming – a language user’s tendency to echo previously encountered message-syntax associations - as a novel facilitator for implicit language (re-)learning in post-stroke aphasia. I will present a series of findings demonstrating that (a) structural priming effectively facilities access of linguistic representations during off-line (e.g., accuracy) and online (e.g., eye-tracking) sentence production in PWA and (b) the evidence supporting structural priming as a treatment component in aphasia, as measured by lasting and generalized changes within and across the production and comprehension modalities. I look forward to discussing further implications of these findings with the colleagues at the BCBL as they shed light on the interplay between language and cognition and cross-linguistic studies.