Behavioral Laboratories

Eight soundproof chambers are available to conduct behavioral experiments. Each chamber is equipped with a standardized high-quality experimental setup, which allows us to collect reaction-time data from button responses or naming latencies.

Behavioral studies measure classic psychological variables, such as response times, incorrect answers, and confidence ratings. These measures are valuable since they allow us to study the mechanisms that underpin our cognitive capacities. 

Stimuli can be visual or auditory, whileresponses may be manual or verbal. For example, tasks may consist of reading words, listening to auditory stimuli, or viewing images. 

Chambers can be used for individual testing sessions (an experimenter monitors each individual participant) as well as to test up to 4 participants, simultaneously monitored via web-cams.

The hardware for each chamber includes:

  • Monitors: ViewSonic G90FB 19″ CRT
  • Soundcards: Soundblaster Titanium X-FI, with ASIO support
  • Headsets: Sennheiser HMD 280 pro
  • Push button response boxes

The standard software packages are:

  • DMDX
  • Presentation

As noted above, the technical group can build and develop special-purpose hardware and software when the standard configuration does not provide functionality for a particular study.