The BCBL JuniorLab is a laboratory for the scientific study of neurocognitive processes related to language established in Vitoria, in cooperation with the Carmelitas Sagrado Corazón School.

In 2011 the BCBL installed this permanent laboratory at the Carmelitas school in Vitoria, so that students at the school can participate in language-related neuroscientific research.

The BCBL JuniorLab has become a reference center for studying cognitive mechanisms children and adolescents. There are cabins equipped with state-of-the-art behavioral, eye-tracking and EEG systems that allow us to carry out neuroscientific studies.

The behavioral systems make use of touchscreens to measure response times to visual or auditory stimuli. The eye-tracking device records gaze paths during reading or visual inspection of images presented on a screen. EEG systems provide electrophysiological recordings of neural electrical activity at the scalp and measure electrical potentials related to responses to visual or auditory stimuli.

Some of our objectives are to answer questions such as the following:

What is the best method for learning how to read? How do individual differences affect learning? How many languages should our children learn? When do children best learn languages?