The center is equipped with four EEG systems, each installed in a dedicated soundproof chamber. Each chamber is equipped with a BrainAmp DC®amplifier: in addition to the normal features of an AC amplifier, this system includes a DC recording mode that offers multiple hardware filtering options.

Using Brain Recorder® recording software it is possible to control all the amplifier options, including switching from DC to AC recording mode and selecting different filtering bandwidths. The Brain Amp DC® system is more stable than older EEG systems for a variety of applications, and supports simultaneous EEG/TMS and EEG/MEG input for use in Brain Computer Interfaces and Neurofeedback.

We have two chambers equipped with 64-channel amplifiers, and two chambers with the Brain Amp DC® 32-channel portable amplifier which connects to any laptop and can be powered with batteries. Thus, the 32-channel amplifiers can also be used for experiments run outside the center (e.g., in schools or hospitals).

Each chamber is also equipped with sets of electrodes that can be arranged on EasyCaps® in whatever pattern is needed for a given experiment. Each cap has 74 equidistant electrode positions; several different sizes are available, including one suitable for children.

For off-line EEG/ERP analyses, the Vision Analyzer® 2.1 software is available on each dedicated EEG computer via a network key.